IAJSD Welcomes New Instructors for Spring 2018

IAJSD is very pleased to welcome to our roster of instructors the following active, in-demand musicians who have numerous years of experience teaching and performing. As a multi-instrumentalist, educator, band leader, and producer, Tonga Ross Ma’u  continues to develop his best musical self, as well as share his knowledge and experience to better educate the communities that surround him. With his college studies complete he returned to San Diego and continued in his endeavor to evolve. He would soon meet, study under, and then work closely with Kamau Kenyatta, a mentor that constantly challenges Tonga to push his limits in

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Auditions Were a Success!

IAJ jazz student Fall Semster 2017

Saturday December 16, 2017 was Audition Day ! Many new and returning students had a great time and parents socialized with other IAJSD families. Thank you all for your support! With an additional new class, it is looking like another great semester for IAJSD!

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Our Winter Julibee was Phenomenal!

Our Winter Julibee was phenomenal ! It was on Sunday, December 3rd, 2017.   During this celebration  fellow musicians, and friends gathered to support music and music education.  "It was a wonderful night.... it makes my heart sing to see him up there so energized and having so much fun".  We are all proud of each and everyone of our students! The Coffee House was packed with standing room only,  they played well and deserved that standing ovation!

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New And Seasoned Fans Cheered Them On

A noticeable wave of delighted shoppers paused—and then stayed—to listen to IAJ ensembles at Viejas Outlet Center Saturday November 4 as they played jazz standards to kick off the holiday season. Soraya and Kaya vocals are a treasure needing only the twinkling of Mattias’s piano, the snapping of everyone’s fingers and the beat of Orion’s electric bass to make them soar and shine. All our students played well and deserved the applause from new and seasoned fans who cheered them on in this one-of-a-kind performance. Special thanks to Viejas for the warm and generous welcome!  

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Southern California’s Largest Outdoor Ice Skating Rink is Opening on Saturday, Nov 4 and IAJSD students will perform before that opening event.

Every winter, the Viejas Outlet Center transforms one section of green lawn into a winter wonderland that includes an outdoor ice rink, grounds decked out with holiday lights, entertainment, and a seasonal water show in their food court. Our students will perform jazz standards from 3:00pm-5:00pm in the middle of the Outlet Center, and afterwards, under the glow of holiday lights, guests and visitors can glide around the rink or enjoy seasonal goodies from 5pm-10pm. The Casino and Resort is owned by the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians and its outlet center features a food court, bowling alley, spa, and

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IAJ Students Performance at Ronald McDonald House

On Sunday, October 22nd, IAJ students performed at the Ronald Mc Donald House. Families, friends, and executives enjoyed this great performance.  All were dazzled by their show! They had the audience completely enthralled from opening note to last. Drummer Kaden Scroggins was energized and drove a furious bus. Bassist Chris Woods, keyboard man Ben Kelly, along with “Saucy Sam” on the tenor sax, Lucas Landsberg on tenor sax, Nolan Mejia on alto sax, and Cole Barbara on trombone, were all outstanding contributors. IAJ students put on a fine performance Sunday night, and we look forward to their next performance.  

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Keep Hopes, Dreams And Jazz Alive

  IAJSD is honored to announce that our students will perform on October 22, 2017 at the Ronald McDonald House located at 2929 Children’s Way, San Diego, 92123. The Ronald McDonald House provides a “home away from home” for families caring for children with serious or life-threatening illnesses. Our performance furthers our mission to Keep Hopes, Dreams and Jazz alive by seeking to connect children, their families, and students with music as part of their healing journey. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to be part of this amazing community.

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Friends of East County Arts Meeting Jazzed up with IAJ Duo

  Thank you, Tamara Fogg and Friends of East County Arts for opening your hearts and home to IAJ students! Chris Woods on bass and Ben Kelly on piano enjoyed putting together a performance just for you at your spectacular outdoor venue; it was a perfect backdrop to the music. We are very grateful for your continual support for deserving young musicians. You are part of something truly wonderful and fulfilling to our upcoming jazz students, who had the opportunity to perform in front of a new and welcoming audience!

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Jazz at the Creek

Jazz at the Creek San Diego 2017

  Thank you, M.A.N.D.A.T.E Records! IAJSD had a great time participating in Jazz at the Creek. This Jazz with a PURPOSE concert series aligns with IAJSD’s mission to keep Jazz alive. A portion of the proceeds from Jazz at the Creek is going to a program we are honored to support: Providing food for elementary school children whose schools often provide their only meals. Thank you again for allowing IAJSD to be a part of this day!       Congratulations to G-Dubb​​, the winner of our raffle for TWO VIP TICKETS to the Bayside Gospel Concert Aboard the Midway.

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Auspicious 2017 Auditions!

IAJ Auditions fall 2017 Guy, Chris and Matt Woods

Auditions were inspiring, and we thank all the talented young musicians who came out to demonstrate their musical abilities. You were terrific! The Academy looks forward to an especially exciting year beginning this fall.  A new artistic director, new instructors, additional classes, and new students will be joining us to keep jazz alive in San Diego!

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