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We Love Jazz!

The International Academy of Jazz San Diego is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching and celebrating the art of jazz by providing a rich cultural environment in which people of all ages may learn and grow while honing their musical skills.

Our exceptional jazz music training is conducted in small ensembles by Grammy-winning instructors and professional musicians.

We’re proud to offer specialized training for both young (10-18) and adult musicians. Learn more ABOUT US.

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Guiding Young Musicians

(Scholarships Available)

Through hands-on training from Grammy-winning instructors and professional musicians, our small ensemble classes will help your young musician unlock his or her natural ability, build leadership skills and learn how to collaborate in the flow of life.

Adult Collaboration

Find an Ensemble

Whether you’re seeking to evolve as a jazz musician, play with others, or perform in front of a live audience, the International Academy of Jazz gives you the platform to do so. Join the community to find an ensemble at your level now.

Get Involved

Support the Spirit of Jazz

Keeping the art of jazz alive is now a responsibility we all share. We offer a wide range of opportunities and benefits with our collaborations. Get to know how you can support an underprivileged but talented youth, sponsor an event or partner with us for cross promotions and extending your network.


Francis Parker School of Music

IAJSD will be partnering with Francis Parker School and their music department to collaborate on student music programs and performance opportunities! Learn more.

City Heights Music School

City Heights Music School is now joining forces with IAJSD to collaborate with students and programs for youth music training as individuals and as groups. Learn more.


Chuck B.

The San Diego concert Band is proud to be a supporter, through annual sponsorship, of IAJ-SD. Long live "kid and music" in San Diego!

Chuck Brown

Bridgit B.

The founders and instructors have hearts of gold. Their concern for the students is immeasurable. What a blessing to San Diego they are!

Bridgit Bailey


Diane I.

Over the past 4 months of Online IAJSD classes. i have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge that i can directly apply to my playing jazz! they individualize their approach to reach student, based on their level of knowledge and goals. The teachers are very supportive and truly want each student to be successful and gain skills that will make them better musicians."

Diane Ireland

Santee, CA

Personalities Come Alive

“I’m so inspired by how the staff work with the kids and seeing them perform at the end of the semester just filled my heart with warmth and joy. Each student and their personalities coming alive with the music and the collaboration of the small ensembles is very cool!”

Laura Hendrickson


An Inspiring Program

“An inspiring program for middle and high school aged jazz performers. The instructors are top-notched, the performance opportunities are out of this world, tuition is reasonable. This program has changed my daughter's life.”

Amy Dyson


Letting my Sound Flow

“Kamau is like being at the beach, just laying in the warm sand. He made me not afraid of music. When I first started at the academy I was terrible at soloing. I was slow and unsure. I was doing classical music at the time and the only jazz musician I cared about was Bill Evans. Without Bill Evans I wouldn't have never even considered jazz. I always wanted to play what sounded like him. But since i was just starting jazz, I didn’t quite know what vibe i wanted to bring out to the air. I didn't know what I wanted to hear. But under kamaus tutelage, I began to let my sound flow through without worrying.”

Mattias Almassy


What a blessing!

Hi  Guy,  “Kamau had mentioned that IAJSD was going to continue the adult classes in the fall. I just wanted to confirm that, as this has just been so much fun and I can't imagine not continuing on.This organization has definitely been the “silver lining” in the Covid pandemic. I am so grateful for this opportunity. I had  bad experiences with a teacher when I was a little girl, which is the reason I have avoided lessons and formal training my entire life. As ridiculous as it sounds, this is the first time I have felt like I actually had some value as a musician, but unfortunately I have tons to to learn. But, also, as you said, Kamau is a great teacher – very patient and supportive, and I have learned so much. Again, I am so grateful that you took it upon yourself to start teaching adults, and also for your entire jazz program. What a blessing! Thanks.



"It was a wonderful night. Cole is always so quiet, so it makes my heart sing to see him up there so energized and having so much fun -Parent of student, 2017-2018"


"This evening’s event was fantastic! We just want to say how grateful we are that so many talented people support and nurture our kids. Thank you for making it all happen - Parent of a student, class of 2017-2018"

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Join us and get to know our amazing students and Academy Award Winning instructors. Our students will perform live in May 2023! Call us for more information.


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