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Kamau is like being at the beach, just laying in the warm sand. He made me not afraid of music. When I first started at the academy I was terrible at soloing. I was slow and unsure. I was doing classical music at the time and the only jazz musician I cared about was Bill Evans. Without Bill Evans I wouldn’t have never even considered jazz. I always wanted to play what sounded like him. But since i was just starting jazz, i didn’t quite know what vibe i wanted to bring out to the air. I didn’t know what I wanted to hear. But under Kamau’s tutelage, I began to let my sound flow through without worrying.

Mattias Almassy


Learn Jazz in an Ensemble

Small ensemble jazz groups help kids explore their own talents while learning to collaborate with others and build their creative and leadership skills.

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Jazz Classes for Young Musicians (Ages 10-18)

The International Academy of Jazz teaches kids everything they need to know to play in an ensemble or jazz band. We take time to get to know the personalities, skills, and talents of your young musician, and encourage creativity, collaboration, and leadership as they perform within an ensemble. This prepares your child to be adaptable and versatile in their next steps with music and life, and we often find students enjoy being with us for several years at a time. Some even go on to earn music scholarships and make significant impacts with their enhanced jazz and instrument talents.

3 Steps to Professional Jazz Training

STEP 1 – Register

Register and join us for a FREE Class. We will take a moment to give you a call to learn more about you, the instrument(s) you play, your age and skill level and match you with an ensemble to try out.

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STEP 2 – Set Up A Call

Our first priority is facilitating a wonderful learning experience for everyone involved. In that endeavor, we’d like to set up a conversation learn about you and your young musician.

This call also provides us with the opportunity to help you understand the full extent of what our program has to offer, plus details about fees, participant expectations, performance opportunities, scholarship eligibility, and more.



STEP 3 – Begin Classes

Once we’ve made evaluations based on age and skill level, we’ll place your young musician in an ensemble and start classes! Classes are held on Saturday mornings, and each ensemble will have a time slot dedicated to learning, playing, collaborating, and engaging with our expert teachers.

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Spring 2023: In-person sessions begin on January 7th, 2023. We are accepting new and returning students.

Classes start at 10:45 am every Saturday.

Spring Concert to be announced

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Classes are every Saturday morning, excluding holidays.


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Perform to Live Audiences

Ensembles get to perform during the Holiday and Spring Concerts. Some of the more advanced groups may have opportunities to perform as an opening band or as part of an approved function. 

Learn from the Pros

IAJSD teachers are professional jazz musicians actively performing and some have Grammy award winning experience. Our students get to play in an ensemble at their level and be mentored by experts. Students receive music theory, cord combinations and the experience of exploring and pushing their own talents as well as understanding how to collaborate with others in the group to make great music.

The Best Experience Ever
Watch recap video from our Fall 2019 Concert

“An inspiring program for middle and high school aged jazz performers. The instructors are top-notched, the performance opportunities are out of this world, tuition is reasonable. This program has changed my daughter's life.”
Amy Dyson

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