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Playing in a community music ensemble is a rewarding experience that leads the player out of the practice room and into the world of sharing music with others. We now offer online jazz classes and adults are joining from all over the country. Join us for a FREE class to learn more about our community and how you can enjoy playing with an ensemble at your level.

Jazz Music Classes for Adults

The International Academy of Jazz teaches adults everything they need to know to perform in an ensemble or jazz band. We take time to get to know who you are, evaluate your talents and skills, and then encourage creativity, collaboration, and leadership as you perform within your ensemble. This prepares you to be adaptable and versatile in your next steps with music and life, and we often find participants enjoy being with us for several years at a time. Some even go on to make significant impacts with their enhanced jazz and instrument talents.

3 Steps to Professional Jazz Training

STEP 1 – Register

Excited to be a part of it all? You can register on our site and we’ll follow up to schedule your FREE class on a Saturday morning.



STEP 2 – Set Up a Call

Our first priority is facilitating a fulfilling experience for everyone involved. In that endeavor, we’d like to set up a conversation with YOU to learn about your experience, which instrument you play, if you’ve been taking individual classes, and other information.

This call also provides us with the opportunity to help you understand the full extent of what our program has to offer, plus details about fees, participant expectations, performance opportunities, and more.

We are currently offering online classes with our professional teachers and mentors. Classes are geared towards preparing you and your ensemble or band to do live performances, and we coach you on various ways to secure gigs throughout the year. 





Classes run in 12-week ongoing sessions on a year-round basis.


STEP 3 – Begin Classes

Once we’ve made evaluations based on age and skill level, we’ll place you in an ensemble and start classes! Classes are held on Saturday mornings, and each ensemble will have a time slot dedicated to learning, playing, collaborating, and engaging with our expert teachers.

We look forward to having you be a part of International Academy of Jazz San Diego!

Perform to Live Audiences

Ensembles book performances when they are ready. Our teachers and professional have many connections throughout San Diego county and can guide your ensemble on various ways to promote and market your jazz band and successfully book gigs. As we grow our network will broaden and collaboratively we will support each other in building our skills and reputation in and around San Diego and beyond.

Learn from the Pros

IAJSD teachers are professional jazz musicians actively performing and some have Grammy award-winning experience. Our participants get to play jazz in an ensemble at their level and be mentored by experts. Students receive music theory, cord combinations and the experience of exploring and pushing their own talents as well as understanding how to collaborate with others in the group to make great music. We are proud to say we have Kamau Kenyatta on our team of experts and mentors!
Learn more about Kamau in this interview.

Get to Know Tonga Ross-Ma’U
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