Carmen Murray Performs with the San Diego Symphony!

14 year old Carmen Murray, drummer in Rob Thorsen’s 9am class, was asked to perform a djembe solo for the San Diego Symphony’s Holiday Concert “Noel, Noel.”  The concert featured Brian Stokes Mitchell on vocals, a beloved Broadway star.  During the show Brian explained to the audience that the symphony would now play “The Little Drummer Boy,” but in this case it was “The Little Drummer Girl”  and Carmen came out on stage. Brian asked her a few questions about herself and her music education and she proudly shared that she was a student in IAJSD.  She then went on to amaze the crowd with her beautiful djembe solo.  We are so proud of Carmen for being chosen by the Symphony to play in this concert!  What an outstanding acheivement!

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Click here to read the SD Reader article about Carmen written by IAJSD Board of Directors member Robert Bush.

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