Congratulations Rob Thorsen and Steph Johnson on Your Upcoming Love and Commitment Ceremony!

Beloved IAJSD instructor Rob Thorsen has decided to take it to the next level with his sweetheart Steph Johnson! Steph is a local celebrity here in San Diego. She is an amazing soul jazz vocalist and guitarist and has performed with several of our IAJSD students. She is also a regular at our IAJSD functions so we all know her and love her. She has been on the news many times over the last few months with her incredible project, “Voices for Our City Choir.” This is a choir that welcomes homeless people to come and sing – although anyone, homeless or not, is welcome to join. She not only provides soul nourishing music to her choir but also organizes food, clothing, and other necessities for our city’s homeless and advocates on their behalf. She recently opened a shelter to house 10 of the choir members. Rob plays bass for the choir as well so it’s a team effort. Their devotion for helping the city’s most vulnerable is so inspiring.

We are so happy for these wonderful artists! They both have their hearts in the right place and are doing great things for our community. They have asked several IAJSD All-Stars to play at their private ceremony and the kids are thrilled to do it. They adore Rob and Steph. We wish Rob and Steph many years of happiness!